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JessElectric, INC stands at the forefront of electrical expertise, ensuring the safety and code compliance of your home or business. We embody precision and reliability, offering a sense of security with our top-quality services. Our skilled team is prepared for any electrical task, from intricate repairs to routine maintenance, guaranteeing the efficient and safe operation of your systems. We pledge unparalleled service, with a focus on professionalism and client care.

Capability Statement

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Residential Services

Commercial Services

EV Charger Installations

Electrical Repairs

Electrical Inspection

Electrical Support

Emergency Repairs

  • Electrical safety assessments
  • Outdoor and Motion Lighting
  • Service and maintenance
  • Security Systems

Tankless water heater installations (electric only)



238210 Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors – PRIMARY

237110 Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction

333914 Measuring, Dispensing, and Other Pumping Equipment Manufacturing

541620 Environmental Consulting Services

561210 Facilities Support Services

811210 Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance


1623 Water, Sewer, Pipeline, Communications and Power Line Construction

1711 Electrical Work 

1781 Water Well Drilling 

3561 Pumps and Pumping Equipment 

3586 Measuring and Dispensing Pumps

7629 Electrical and Electronic Repair Shops, Not Elsewhere Classified 

8744 Facilities Support Management Services 

8999 Services, Not Elsewhere Classified


2930 Engine Cooling System Components, Nonaircraft  Includes: Cooling Fans; Radiators; Water Pumps; Water Hose Assemblies; Engine Coolant Filters; Components for all Engines except Aircraft and Guided Missile Prime Moving.

H362 Inspection- lighting fixtures and lamps

J059 Maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of electrical and electronic equipment components.

J061 Maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of equipment electric wire and power distribution equipment.

J062 Maintenance, repair, and rebuilding of equipment lighting fixtures and lamps

K062 Modification of equipment, lighting fixtures and lamps.

N059 Installation of equipment electrical and electronic equipment components.

N061 Installation of equipment electric wire and power distribution equipment.

N062 Installation of equipment, lighting fixtures and lamps.

N063 Installation of equipment alarm, signal, and security detection systems.


MQM Miami Quality Management

Period of Performance: October 2023 – ongoing

Scope: Service/Maintenance on 13 commercial buildings in South Beach

Place of performance: Miami South Beach

Value: $270,000.00

Dismas Charities Dania Center (Correctional Facility)

Period of Performance: November 2023 – Ongoing

Scope: Service/Maintenance on Correctional Facility

Place of performance: Dania Beach, FL

Value: $10,000 Quarterly

John Construction (Contractor)

Period of Performance: Ongoing

Scope: Service/Maintenance for multiple apartment renovation.

Place of performance: Boca Raton, FL

Value: $20,000.00

Debra Hill (Contractor)

Period of Performance: May 2022 – Nov 2023

Scope: Service/Maintenance in residential spaces

Place of performance: Boca Raton, FL

Value: $48,000.00

Jay Cunnigham (Contractor)

Period of Performance: July 2023 – Ongoing

Scope: Service/Maintenance, house remodeling and safety corrections.

Place of performance: Pompano Beach, FL

Value: $17,000.00