My name is Jessica Garcia and I am the founder and owner of JessElectric, Inc. I entered the electrical industry as a first year apprentice in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in August of 1983. My first jobsite was the Jacob Javits Convention Center in N.Y.C. when it was still coming out of the ground. Being in the first class of women and minorities allowed into the union, as I walked onto that jobsite with over 500 tradesmen and me, I knew that I was really going to have to learn this industry inside and out in order for me to not only complete the 5 ½ year apprenticeship program, but to actually be able to excel in it enough to provide me with a career for a long time to come. I graduated in February of 1988 as a journeyman electrician and in June of 1988 I received my Associates in Labor studies from Empire State College.

Although this, at the time, seemed like hostile territory in which to learn a trade so complex as electrical, looking back through the years, I realize that it gave me the drive and determination to do something that had never been done before by any other woman and under such extreme conditions.

The first 5 years that women were allowed into the union there was a 700% drop out rate. That means that for every 700 women that were allowed in, 699 dropped out. I didn’t.

After 13 years in N.Y.C. working mainly new commercial construction in the Battery Park Financial Center and World Trade Center area, I moved down to South Florida and entered the scary new world of residential wiring. This was like learning to walk again. When I started entering people’s homes and seeing what was acceptable wiring practices according to Florida standards, I knew that I had found myself a new home. I knew that I brought with me a much higher standard not only of electrical work, but of doing business. I could never walk out of anybody’s house, in good conscious, and leave the electrical hazards I have seen other electricians pass off as electrical installations.

My belief is that it takes the same amount of time to the job right as it does to make a hot mess.

I take great pride in my & my crews work because it gives me a great sense of instant satisfaction when I leave the home of a happy, satisfied customer. I know when I walk out that door that I have given that customer the maximum amount of value that I can give them for the price they have paid and EVERYTHING WORKS! YAY!

The toughest part of expanding my business has been finding the right personnel that shared my vision and commitment to perfection and customer satisfaction. Fortunately, God has Blessed me with that as well. My team is beyond compare in installation professionalism and customer service. We offer "Old School Service in a Modern World!"

We work with a moral and ethical consciousness that reminds us that people are entrusting us with their lives, their families lives and their worldly possessions. We honor that responsibility at JessElectric, Inc.

Repectfully Submitted,

Jessica Garcia

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